Houston to San Francisco Tickets STARTING at $136

Are you trying to get to Cali in May? Well, there are some great deals I found on priceline.com and Momondo.com.  Just input the dates below to retrieve the prices I found. Keep in mind that prices change frequently.May 2-9, $136 on Frontier Airlinesscreen-shot-2017-03-21-at-12-28-04-am.png May 2-6. $167 Frontier Airlines screen-shot-2017-03-21-at-12-29-30-am.pngMay 9-13, $151 Frontier Airlinesscreen-shot-2017-03-21-at-12-34-04-am.pngMay 9-16, $159 on Frontier AirlinesScreen Shot 2017-03-21 at 12.16.29 AMMay 23-30, the price jumps up to $192screen-shot-2017-03-21-at-12-36-23-am.png If this was helpful, follow my blog to keep up with my updates on great travel deals. Feel free to Like, comment, or repost!