Hey. Let's go to Austin.

If you know anything about me, you know that I love an adventure. I'm all about packing up and getting on a plane ASAP. Last year, I really wanted to get away so I called my friend Julie and told her we needed to find a place to visit that day. And at 9am we decided to go to ft. Lauderdale. The flight left at 4pm. I immediately packed all my stuff and drove from Austin to Houston. We barely made the flight but we got to Ft.Lauderdale. We spent 24 hours there and it was a trip to remember. Fast forward to today, I was telling Julie about some stuff I needed to take care of in Austin but I could only do it in person. Typically I'm the spontaneous one out of the two of us but this time Julie said "let's go get your stuff done today". So that's exactly what we did. We arrived in Austin at 5:45 and left by 8:45pm to head back to Houston. Everything got accomplished and we had a lot of fun in the process. Julie is one of the few people I can travel with and have an absolute blast. I also got to see my friends Zeeke and Tasha. Life gets busy but Julie and I always make time for an adventure. Life is short. We will only be young once. I plan to soak up my youth and travel the world. BTW, everyone needs a friend like Julie. She is loyal, fun, organized, and she helps me keep my life in order. Julie, I'm glad you started working out 3 years ago so we could be friends 😂 (one day I'll tell the full story). Cherish your tribe friends and love them well. Xoxo FaitthB