Just breathe 

So here it goes. Day 1. I'm attempting to write every day for 31 days. I love writing and find myself scribbling little notes on my phone. Creating "dictionaries" for friends in my life who always say funny things and create their own words. I love a good story. So my hope is that every day I can share little stories with you all. Today's story: I struggled to get up and out of bed today. I did not want to make the hour drive through Houston traffic down to the HPD headquarters. I will spend the next few months making this drive and interning at HPD. While I'm thrilled for the opportunity to learn from great Social Workers on staff, I'm missing my summer schedule. Even though I was pretty busy traveling this summer, I enjoyed the ease and adventure. Now I'm back to a routine and I'm struggling to get used to it again. My summer grad school courses were tough and I was thrilled to be done with my semester last week. After talking with an advisor she said she would register me for classes this fall. Today, classes start and when I didn't get a notification of my classes beginning, I decided to check my account, only to learn that I had not been registered. Also, I discovered all important emails were being sent to the "Clutter Folder". Here I am, sitting at my internship FOR SCHOOL and I'm not even registered for the class and online seminar. A moment of panic set in. Was this a joke?  Nope. I was not being punked. I was not registered and I almost screwed up my degree plan due to miscommunication with my registrar who did not register me as she said she would. But crisis averted, I registered online and my internship will not be in vain. I say all this because this little mishap really ruined my vibe today. Or at least it did momentarily but I told myself "hey, it's still a good day". There was nothing to be mad about, only something to be thankful for. God was looking out for me the whole time. So happy Thursday friends. Make the most of what may have been a "bad" day. We can always find something to be thankful for. XoxoFaitthB