Dear 2015

Dear 2015We had a rough start. And the climate of the country experienced a lot of turmoil and death. The climate of race relations is the worst its been in years. Wars, terrorist attacks, refugees fleeing their home land. This year has not been full of roses, in spite of that; I feel a glimpse of hope beginning to rise. I am inspired, because although this year was a hard one for me personally; I grew so much in my walk with the Lord. I learned that there is beauty on the other side of big "faith leaps". God DOES have a reason for leading me (you) in a certain direction. He IS my provision. He DOES NOT remember my (your) sins or wrong doings. He DOES love me (you). I am ending this year confident about who God says I am and the beauty in trusting him. Recap of the past 14 months: I left a phenomenal company to work for in Houston, MD Anderson. I was surrounded by people willing to propel me into my career. Within two weeks, I moved to Austin and lived with strangers. I took a job I only wanted to work for a year, as a case manager. I moved in to my own apartment with a stranger. Had some breakups. My dad almost died from a viral infection to his heart. My friend and sister Jamilyn passed away in a car accident and my world shifted. Decided to focus on bettering myself and went to counseling, stopped dating for a season. I started leading a racial reconciliation group and my passion for unity and reconciliation, only increased. Then I went on a cruise with my best friend who called me out on my crap and I left refreshed and encouraged. I started dating an amazing man.My brother got married. I traveled a lot in 2015. I brought in my 25 birthday in the Amsterdam airport. The holidays with my brothers new family was awesome. I have my last day of work today. I start my new job next Monday. I founded my on non-profit this year and my heart could burst with excitement from seeing that dream become a reality. Whew. That's the short version of my year but I must say, I'm ending the year in a high note.I say all that to say- life is full of ups and downs and 2015 felt like it had more lows than highs; I didn't blog as much. For 2016 I have a new resolve to write more and share in more details the lessons learned and the story of God's faithfulness. This year has been life changing and I'm forever grateful that God has richly displayed his loving-kindness towards me and my family+friends. I love you dear readers and friends. May 2016 exceed your expectations!    #WeSayYesPeriod #JamilynHull