Don't Pack Alone

Day 2

Delivering the news to two of my closest friends that I was moving was not easy. I worked hard to establish a friend base in Houston outside of my older brother. Although he and I are best buddies, I have to have my own crew too.So after work, everyone came over to make a "message" out of my mess and help me organize my crazy little life.With every laugh, box packed, and memories shared; I was reminded that we need community in life. Although it was a bitter sweet moment and none of us where prepared for my abrupt move. The fact that I was transitioning with my friends meant a lot. To me it signified unity.A unity that we dream to attain here on earth. Especially when the world is falling apart at the seams.While our topics of conversation varied and our laughter carried on all night. It was reassuring to know that I had the right people with me. I had the right people in my corner. People willing to get down and dirty with me. People willing to see past my mess, failures, insecurities, and scars. These people have demonstrated Christ's love to me here on earth.We need friends we can reach out to and lift up but we also need friends that can help lift us up. Because sometimes life serves up a little hell that we must overcome and commit to God. Life is not perfect. There are challenges but I will be forever grateful for the day Jesus lifted me out of the pit and rescued me because he delighted in me. His love changed everything.I wasn't packing alone.

Neither should you.

Whose in your corner?