Goodbye Yesterday

Okay so I started the write 31 days challenge early and posted for "day 1" already. So I am starting over.

Write 31 Days

Day 1

It would seem that I am walking away from something great, however; I am merely walking away from yesterday.Sometimes I find myself a day or two behind in my life because I am too busy trying to analyze and dissect yesterday. I begin to focus on the past instead of focusing on today.I can look back on my yesterday and find heartbreak, victory, triumph, and pain. All of which have prepared and propelled me into strength for today.I'm learning the importance of being present and alert for today. If I am not focused I could miss something that is important for my destiny now. I'm learning the importance of today. Today there are people to meet and there is work to be done. Tomorrow is not promised so lingering there isn't productive ether. It's hard not to think about your future constantly but it's easy to get lost mentally in a season you aren't prepared for. Today is a great day.

Choose to be present today and say goodbye to yesterday.


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