Hello friend, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am glad you are here. It’s possible you found my work from facebook, instagram, or pinterest. However you found me, I am glad you are here. I love community and sharing my life with all of you.


The most important thing you need to know about me is that I move often. Call it wanderlust or insanity, I am not sure but either way, I have allowed myself to travel, move, and wander to new cities where opportunities arise. This means, that since I graduated in 2012, I’ve moved cities 5 times and I’ve moved apartments within cities, 10 times. I am a professional packer now and I also hate moving but clearly I love new adventures more because I keep moving. I currently live in Atlanta, GA. A city I was dreaming of moving to for a few years...so if you live in Atlanta, come say hey! 


I am a fun-loving aunt. I treat my niece and nephew like my children--I don’t have any of my own, yet! My brother and sister-in-law allow me to love these babies fiercely. I am so honored to be in their life, they are truly the brightest spot in my life. 


My brother and I are best friends. This may be weird to some people but he truly is my ride-or-die homie. I love him so much. He is super fun and makes me laugh till I cry. I can say the stupidest stuff to him and he just laughs. Y’all don’t want to know the random things that come to my mind. His friendship has seen me through the brightest days and even the darkest. I am grateful for a built in best friend who will love me unconditionally.

 My parents, I love those people. They raised me, made me, and support me to this day. I come from a close-knit family but we have our issues like any other human family. They divorced when I was 18 years-old but we are all still a unit. That never changed but I will say, we worked hard for it. We worked to rebuild what was broken and no one will tear us apart. 


As for me, I am embarking on the last year of my twenties with anticipation for what lies ahead. I am single and a business-woman, passionate about people, social justice, and travel. I was homeschooled and apprehensive about college, I knew I wanted to help people but didn’t see how I could/would make money doing that. So the fact that I have a masters degree (shout out to the social workers!), I’ve worked at several large organizations, and I am starting my own consulting business, is crazy! I never dreamed that this is the path my life would take but it's been so incredibly beautiful. 


Welcome to this space, I will share my joys, defeats, adventures, Tuesday Justice Tip  (where I talk about race and different concepts you need to know), relationship tips, and everything else in-between. Know that there is room for you here, no perfect people allowed. We are all just doing our best.