My Social Work Life: Sick On The Job

My co-worker asked if I was going to blog about this story I am about to tell you and I said, "Yeah probably." Now looking back on it, the story is funny but in the moment it was the worst day of my life. You must know, I am dramatic and I often tell my family "I just had the worst day of my life" to which my brother usually responds "Oh really? I am pretty sure you have said that before."  If you don't have thick skin you will never survive being around my family.Okay the story----One Sunday evening, I went to eat at a restaurant in Buda, TX. I was leery about it but nonetheless I went. I ordered fried catfish, rice and beans, and dirty rice. I was hopeful that this meal would bless my stomach. Unfortunately, the meal did not taste that great. I left vowing never to return and moved on with my life.The next day, I was in the car at 9pm heading to a placement for a 5 week old baby girl. I was so happy to see her and meet the new foster family I would be working with. They had a beautiful home and vibrant little girl who was laughing and playing as we talked. I held the baby for a little while and then handed her over to her new foster mom. She was a doll. The CPS worker was talking and the world begins to slow down for me. All the sudden its like she is talking is slow motion. I wanted her to shut up because my stomach started to hurt and then I started getting that feeling like I was going to throw up. I was in escape mode in my head, how could I get the CPS worker to talk faster so we could leave? I knew I was sick and this was not going to be pretty. All the sudden, my body revolts against me and I jump up ask for the restroom, cover my mouth and run. I made it to the toilet and threw up. I am mortified. How am I supposed to walk back in there like nothing happened? How? I open the door slowly and start the walk of shame. Everyone looks up at me wide-eyed with concern and a mixture of "We all need to GET AWAY FROM HER". The foster dad was gracious and offered me some water. I drank it all. BAD IDEA. I repeat. BAD IDEA. Literally, 5 min later I was running to the bathroom almost unable to contain the throw up from coming out of my mouth, I had a choice to make, the toilet was 3 steps to far, I wasn't going to make it, I had to throw up in the sink. At the time that seemed like the best idea because I would have thrown up on the floor, however, the sink would not drain. Yep. The sink was clogged with my puke and their plunger was useless.I looked at myself in the bathroom. I had two spots on my shirt where I had to wipe off the throw up. And now I clogged the sink of perfect strangers. THIS IS MY LIFE. I finally had to humble myself and tell the foster dad that I clogged the sink and I am sorry and the plunger didn't work. He peaked in the sink and looked as if he may throw up too. The foster mom was gracious and told me not to worry and she understands that I got sick and couldn't help it. She said she wanted to hug me but she knew it wasn't the best idea. I walked out of the house with the barf bag she made me and watched as the foster dad sped out of the driveway to get stuff to unclog the sink. I called my mom and cried because well....I DID NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!!! And I said my famous line, "THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!." Somehow I managed to cry and drive and talk on the phone. Multitasking is my thing, so at least I could still manage that.I got home without throwing up and I thought the worst was over. I called my cousin back and I was listening to him talk until I started throwing up again and told him I had to go.The worst was far from over....I threw up until 2am.I was confident that I got food poisoning from that restaurant.Thanks to my boss and friend who brought me stuff to help settle my stomach. I got through the next few days.Moral of the story....I don't know but I hope to never be sick at work ever again. Especially when my work consists of going to people's home each month.This is my social work life.Has this every happened to anyone else?