Are You Really Ready?



Day 1

Have you ever had those prayer times where you are proclaiming your undying love to God and you tell him "Yes, Lord I will do whatever you want me to and I'll go wherever you want me to go!"



You may find your world turned upside down. All the sudden what you planned (which was a pretty stellar plan, by the way) will be null and void. Things will shift and change and what you thought this next season of your life would look like has taken a turn in the opposite direction. When I begin to wonder why that happens, I remind myself that I said "yes". I chose to be interrupted. In fact, I cheered for it. I cried out for it. So really, there should be absolutely no shock when I get exactly what I prayed for. Nonetheless, there is still shock. There is awe. There are moments of silence and mourning for what you will lose and faint smiles and a flicker of excitement for what you will gain.

So to my fellow reader friends, BE CAREFUL.

You may not be ready for the life of surrender you are crying out for.

It will cost you something.

Matthew 10:38-39 “If you don’t go all the way with me, through thick and thin, you don’t deserve me. If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me.

The price of losing my life in order to find it in Christ is invaluable.

I will risk it all for Him. Every time.

(With tears in my eyes, butterflies in my tummy, and a mustard seed of faith)

No one said risking it all wasn't scary.

BUT I think staying still is scarier.