Just Getting Started

After getting no sleep at my dad's house, I was rushing to get to a lunch with friends Saturday afternoon. Looking back over the past few months and reflecting to where I am now, I am humbled. I have blogged about my journey and healing over the past few months. Blogging offered me a way to be authentic with my feelings and to be honest publicly. I've always loved writing but posting on this blog has allowed me celebrate with others in moments of triumph and tough times. To those of you that have been reading along, thank you.

This weekend, I was able to laugh and cry with two friends who have come alongside me and offered unconditional love and friendship. Their accountability has stretched me and challenged me in a new way. Saturday we were celebrating all of the monumental moments ahead of us. I am launching HHope and moving forward with planning some great projects. One friend got a new job and the other a new car. Instead of us talking about our pain, we were celebrating the fact that we got through a tough season. We were celebrating prayers answered, dreams being birthed, and goals accomplished. Life can be tough at times but God is good.

I can't wait to look back a few months from now and see what God has done in our lives. Our age does not determine whether we will be successful or not.

I broke up with fear so I could pursue my dreams.

Heres' to launching out and believing that God can do the impossible.

I can't wait to tell you all more about HHope and what is next!

What are you all dreaming about?

Keep Dreaming,