Style by Thrift

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Okay if you know me well, you know that I love getting a good deal. I bargain shop all the time. In fact about 90% of my clothes are from the thrift store. I love walking out of the store with a bag full of stuff knowing that I scored.

Simple steps that I use when thrifting:
  1. Find a good thrift store that carries quality clothing. For me, in the Houston area there are several Family Thrift Center's (FTC) and all of them carry name brands. Go to Family Thrift Center to find a location near you!  Some of my other favorite places include: goodwill, salvation army, & plato's closet.
  2. Have an idea of what you are looking for, this will help looking through the clothes not feel so overwhelming. (At FTC, they have the clothes organized by color and type clothing, such as: t-shirt, blouse, tank top, pants, jeans, etc.)
  3. Be patient. Expect to Shop for about an hour or more. Stay committed to looking around and seeing what they have. It can be chaotic in the thrift store but to me the results and bargains are worth it.
  4. Find a Family Thrift Outlet Store!!!! I literally bought 26 items for like $30 bucks. I am talking cute and trendy stuff!!! $1.75 Thursday, $1.50 Friday, $1.25 Saturday, $1.00 Sunday, Monday $.75, $.50 Tuesday, and $.25 Wednesday- these are the prices for everything in the store.  The only catch is there is no changing room there so just be sure to know your size.

Then end result is getting trendy clothing and looking amazing for cheap. No offense to mainstream clothing stores but I would rather spend my money elsewhere than use it all on a $100 dress or pair of jeans. My only exceptions for expensive purchases are for underwear and purses (A girl needs a good handbag, You know?).

 I hope that helps you all some.

Here are some of the items I have recently scored at the thrift store:

I got this skirt and belt from Family Thrift.I love these polka dot pants. I have been waiting a while to find some overalls that I like and here they are!

Happy Thrifting people and remember that you can be styled pretty for less.